Getting HUGE results by taking a little responsibility

January 22nd, 2012

One of the most common miss understandings in the world today is that we should just get everything we want because we want it.

But the truth is nothing our businesses or lives will ever change unless we first evolve ourselves.

If you want a business that creates the specific result you want… you are going to have to first take the responsibility for the end result you have right now.

Most business people are conditioned to blame someone or something else outside of themselves for the results they have. We blame our employees, or economy, or politicians, or family… never really focusing on the real problem which is also the real solution… ourselves.

Taking responsibility means acknowledging that the results of your business, career or income is a direct result of the ideas you think and the actions you have one else’s.

Because if your results are the result of someone else’s ideas or actions…its still you that is putting your results in someone else’s hands… and that brings the responsibility back to your ideas and actions.

The speed that your results arrive is a direct reflection at how quickly you take responsibility for yourself and the results of your business.

If your business or life isn’t where you want it to be; the first place to what did I do to get me/us here?

Once you have listed out what has gotten you to where you are. The next question you want to ask yourself is.
What did I learn from this experience and what will I do if I find myself in a similar situation… to make sure I have the outcome I want?

This gets us down the road of really learning from the situation we created for ourselves so we don’t end up with the same result we don’t want… more than once.

Then we want to describe the end result we want in as clear of detail as possible and ask ourselves what can I do starting today to move myself closure to that result I want.

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